Puffin Love PRINTS 12 x 8





Commissions upon request

Jess Parker-Andrews

Art & Illustration


'Fabulous composition, a little quirky in that the elephants are walking away... Just love it, reminds me of our trip to Kenya as well as a day out with friends at Art on the Prom!'




Prints available of 'Into the Sunset'

'One of the illustrations I wanted put me in touch with a very talented artist, Jess Parker Andrews. She was able to take the information I supplied and the emotion behind the story and re-create the image perfectly. It was if a snapshot had been taken of my memory. The image of the raccoon had to be whimsical but also a true representation and Jess nailed it perfectly.

Here is a picture of the place where the journey began, my treasured work of art and the finished book. I have received

many compliments on Jess's illustration in Unspoken Messages and count my personal copy as a valuable treasure.

If you are looking for a talented artist and a wonderful person, look no further than Jess.'



Copy of Hare Head Low Res For Jess

'I love all your paintings... so difficult to choose! I've fallen in love with your pictures.'




Prints available of 'Harvey the Hare'

Web Untitled-42 - Into the sunset

'I remember very clearly the first time I saw Jess' amazing paintings. She created the wonderful "Mr Fox", and I was completely hooked - 'Tian Tian' has since joined our collection. I am planning to commission Jess to paint our much-loved dogs. her talent for capturing not just the character but also the spirit of an animal is rare and special, and I love watching her progress.'




Prints available of 'Mr Fox' and 'Tian Tian'

Web size fox Copy of Panda 1

Beauty now resides on the wall in the kitchen of a converted 18th century chapel in Wellingborough and has since been joined by the award winning 'Onward and Upward'




Prints available of 'Beauty' and 'Onward and Upward'

Copy of Giraffe Copy of Meerkatnew Copy of Meerkatnew

'After spending a day in the presence of a number of magnificent creatures, I found myself in the art gallery at Banham Zoo. In the aptly named "Beauty" Jess has managed to capture both the serenity and quirkiness of the giraffe with her watercolor and ink composition.  I fell in love straight away.'